Wrong turn

Relaxed nummer. Sloom nummer zou je ook kunnen zeggen. Volgende week iets vlotters, dan ga ik me vergrijpen aan een nummer van Pink Floyd.

Wrong turn

what can I say
this is not the turn I thought I’d make
fell into a pit of horror, I’m afraid
haunted by visions of us getting laid

energy is at an all time low
seems I’ve forgotten how to go with the flow
seriously taking myself too serious you know
it’s not like I’m drinking piss or eating snow

living is easy, I was told so by the king
he said, dear knight, just let your freedom ring
join me in my palace, where we all dance and sing
and enjoy the way we live and pretty much do nothing

never mind the masses, this is a house of peace and love
forget the world outside, once you’re living in this box
don’t look outside that window now, don’t let your heart grow soft
just lay your feet on the table and feast your eyes on the good stuff

just put the bottle next to the crystal glasses, my dear
oh yes, please open it, it’s the medicine for my fears
no need to wait until I finished my beer
I’d like to drown in my hallucinations here

what can I say
this is not the turn I thought I’d make
fell into a pit of horror I’m afraid
lost in visions of us getting laid
haunted by vision of us getting laid

drowning in hallucinations



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