This waiting thing

Ergens begin jaren negentig gemaakt, dit liedje. Een walsje. Deze opname is wel van begin deze week. Ouwe koek in nieuwe zakken.

Alleen de muziek:

This waiting thing

impatiently waiting for the doorbell to ring
looking out for someone and something
let’s see what that person has to bring
momentarily stuck in this waiting thing

how good are your chances
if you want to be embraced
can you find yourself
living in a different place

let’s split, let’s split the loot
build another life somehow
don’t shed no tears on this July morning
don’t lose your confidence now

remember the way you lived
you lived until today
have you done okay so far
is that what you’re trying to say

impatiently waiting, but the doorbell won’t ring
looking for someone? have you lost something?
let’s see what the future has to bring
momentarily stuck in this waiting thing



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