Black hole fun

Naar aanleiding van een filmpje van Mom on the Spectrum op YouTube. Ik kan het zo gauw niet vinden maar het bestaat echt.

anonymous black little kid hiding in wardrobe
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on
black hole fun

need something to do, get something done
gonna build myself a black hole
a black hole full of fun

go to a concert, the wild kind
find my place in a dead sun
get drawn into and drown
in a black hole of fun

get a keyboard, the musical kind
and create a black hole full of fun
get absorbed, totally absorbed
feel the multitudes turn into one

find a woman, the A-kind
let her know she’s the only one
share a secret, tell her a story
promise a black hole full of fun

everything’s ablaze inside the black hole of fun
everything’s amazing, embrace the black hole fun
senses overloading at the center of a dead sun

it will take a few days to recover
it may take weeks to fully recover
everything’s so intense inside a black hole brain 
it takes time to fully recover from the pain

and then build myself a new black hole
a black hole full of fun
build a new black hole
a black hole full of fun




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