Tussen de hoestbuien en de voorbereidingen voor het eerste optreden van de Legendary Jerks door toch een liedje opgenomen, ‘Barf’. Daar zing ik ook, bij de Jerks, maar toch heel anders dan hier. Kom gerust kijken als u het niet gelooft, dinsdagavond om 20.00 precies in café Scooters in Leeuwarden.

Maar nu eerst dit lied.


and now tears come to my eyes again
as I wonder where I should have been
instead of lying here, lost, without a friend
thinking: is this really the end

a door opens, light streams into the hallway
a person walks out, I see a woman's face
her lips move, she speaks of love and friendship
I close my eyes and curse the human race

I really don't see the need to follow (you)
is this happiness or just not knowing what to do
being confused and a little afraid sometimes
disposing of the truths that cluttered up my mind

it's time to cut the ties with the real world again
and fly out into the open skies again
let the engines roar, let the games begin
see the crowds barf when I start to sing



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