Ship in harbour at sunset

Just a dream #4

Van dit nummer bestaat al een versie met computermuziek, eigenlijk was het niet zo nodig om dit opnieuw op te nemen. Maar ik had er gewoon zin aan. Ik denk dat ik binnenkort weer eens wat Nederlandstalige dingen ga doen. Maar nou maar even niet.

Just a dream #4

another dream is sinking in the mud
into the past of a next generation
can't cry, no tears come to my eyes
and still I think you’ve done me a favour

and you know what, I'm happy now
happy things went the way they went
and though it's sad to see that you're a little down
I'm happy to know my time was well spent
on a dream

just one more dream away from the ultimate trip
one more pirate's daughter tied to the mast of my ship
one great illusion to get out of the way
one last fantasy and then we’ll fly away
into the final dream