En weer een liedje.

De oplettende lezer/luisteraar zou naar aanleiding van de tekst kunnen gaan twijfelen aan de vakbekwaamheid van mijn dokter. Echter, de goede man heeft nooit beweerd dat er niets mis is met mijn hoofd, dat heb ik verzonnen.

Het lied:

En de tekst:

I feel better already

this place smells of shit and my writing sucks
got no bright ideas, just songs about bad luck
my cat’s too skinny and the refrigerator empty
the phone is dead, the shower is broken

but I looked in the mirror and kinda liked my face
like I have become a full member of the human race
just a man, just a human being, just another person
my eyes are bright, my teeth are white, and I,
I feel better already

why give in to misery and pain
there’s a way to stop that train
had a miserable summer and a lousy autumn
but my doctor assured me nothing’s wrong with my brain

mellow down, settle down, the long run
ease it down, small town, avoid the wrong turn
watch that video, eat that flesh of hers
open your eyes and tell me where it hurts
I feel better already

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