Happiness was easy

Dit nummer heeft wel op speellijsten van een aantal bands waar ik in speelde gestaan, General Dynamics en de Sons. Maar ja, dat is zo lang geleden, wie kent die bands nog. Dus toch maar weer een nieuwe opname.

Happiness Was Easy

I could try and think very hard
and remember the way that I used to feel
when the grass was green and the clouds weren't there
and happiness was easy to recognize for real

I used to laugh about it and say it's in my blood
the idea of becoming a living wreck never upset me very much
hiding for the truth until it couldn't be denied
that I had gotten to be someone I didn't like very much

hot winds blew and dusted my insides
cool drinks ran and wasted my insides

where there's smoke there must be hellfire
I must try not to waste my life
some drink to forget their desires
I must try not to waste my life
every day waking up sick and tired
I must try not to waste my life
no, I must try not to waste my life




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